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The Importance Of Al Anon For Family Members

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By Vicki Nash

I am a grateful recovering alcoholic, as well as a grateful recovering survivor of a couple of dysfunctional family systems. I have been on every side of this disease, beginning as the daughter of an alcoholic, the wife of an alcoholic (big surprise), my own alcoholism, and the mother of an alcoholic. Yes, this is indeed a disastrous family disease that destroys wonderful, loving people in the process.

I understand, well, the pain ALL feel as they stumble through the abyss otherwise known as addiction. I also know, first hand, the pain of the family member is always equal to the pain of the addicted loved one, and, in some cases, maybe even greater.

We, as family members, are sometimes unaware of the harmful consequences we have also experienced in our major life areas, just as the alcoholic has. When we begin to focus on ourselves, making lists of the examples in each of our life areas, we are on our way to a new freedom with accepting Al-Anon, and our journey towards taking back our lives.

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I began attending Al-Anon when my son had his 22nd birthday as a drug rehab patient. That was 16 years ago, and thank God I humbled myself and went. I was already working as a drug and rehab center counselor and working my own AA program, as well, and had absolutely no idea how much the Al-Anon program would mean to me and my recovery! I found out Al-Anon is NOT a “side-car” to AA, rather as critical to those who love alcoholics as is AA to the addicted one. At once, I realized that working with families and helping them understand the help available was a major part of my life’s work!

As a family therapist, I have found exactly how difficult it is for family members to begin to focus on themselves, rather than their alcoholic, and also to accept that recovery takes a while sometimes feeling worse.

It is exactly the same courage that family members must muster up, that our rehab center patients display by coming to treatment– no difference at all. In some cases, maybe even a little bit more denial! We begin to share with our families how important they are, and valuable and capable, and it astounds them that someone recognizes those assets in them. They begin to let down those walls, and slowly begin the search for self by taking their own personal inventory, then sharing it with a chaplain, if possible. They are on their way! How gratifying it is to see families begin to heal, both individually and together, and then look forward to living the best lives they possibly can, because they understand how much they deserve that. I am so grateful to be part of these families’ process, and share what I have learned..I thank God for the gifts I receive every single day!

We encourage family participation because they have been affected and need help too. Our hope is to educate and offer a drug rehab experience focused on healing as a family. We have helped thousands of people (and their family members) find recovery and a new way of life.

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The Medusa Immortal}

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Submitted by: Tamizh Selvan

Yes, as you read. There is an animal on Earth that has the answer to one of the secrets more wanted by the science for many years: how to remain young forever and even How to be immortal. She is the Turritopsis nutricola, a kind of medusa originated in the Caribbean.

Although it is sufficiently demonstrated the importance of the death for the continuity of the life and the evolution of the agencies on the planet, this animal has found a way to circumvent your natural death through a physiological process of you discuss below.

The Medusa immortal

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The Turritopsis nutricola is a tiny medusa Oceanidae family that is barely half a centimeter in length. Although it is a species originally Caribbean, today you can find in all the oceans of the world, both in tropical waters as temperate, due to a slow but progressive and irreversible colonization provided by the marine traffic of the large vessels, that downloaded the ballast water in their tanks by all seas, thus moving it and a multitude of other potentially invasive species, such as Lion Fish.

What makes immortal this jellyfish?

This small Medusa is able to maintain its eternal youth thanks to a mechanism with which is able to modify its cells once that have already been differentiated, making them return to their initial state, which had before their specialization. This phenomenon is known as transdifferentiation, that is the same that occurs when a body concerned regenerates their tissues, but that in this medusa goes to extreme unique, because it can regenerate completely again and again, apparently so infinite.

Thus, when certain adverse conditions or the own senescence or aging indicate, there is a scheduled deterioration of the adult structures of the Medusa in such a way that the lead to again be a polyp, its initial juvenile stage that, after a metamorphosis, makes to elicit new and young jellyfish free life. It would be the equivalent of a butterfly back to the phase of track again and resume to transform itself into a butterfly in an endless cycle.

Scientists have carried out numerous tests in the laboratory and have checked that the “new individuals” adults that have matured, returned to the youth and matured again in several occasions, not lost even the slightest of their physiological and adaptive capabilities, so that concluded that the death of organic Turritopsis nutricola does not occur ever, and only would cease to exist an individual victim of a fatal disease or some predator.

This mechanism is still seriously investigated in the present with the aim to decrypt its molecular bases, which would have a great potential in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and regenerative creams much more efficient, not only with an aesthetic sense, but also to fight diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer’s, among many others.

Curious strategy of rejuvenation of this small jellyfish right? If you would like to know other curious things about jellyfish?

About the Author: I’m a enthusiastic person who like to research about how to become immortal and elixir of immortality.


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