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Explorer Headlights For Style That Performs}

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Explorer headlights – for style that performs


Louie Liu

SUVs are large vehicles that seem excessively large, consume a lot of fuel and are expensive to buy. So you would think that SUVs at best enjoy only a niche market. But there have been SUVs that made people love the extra size and feeling of dominating the road. The Ford Explorer is one those SUVs that initially wooed the car buyers towards these exciting vehicles.

And the rest as they say is history. Notwithstanding the economic slowdown in the recent years which has made small cars attractive again the SUVs continue to enjoy huge popularity. And with each passing year more enticing models are being launched by car manufacturers. Of course this does mean that the older models lose out on the fact that they do not look as exciting as these new ones. And also in some cases the performance of the latest SUVs is better as well.

So what do you do if you have an older SUV such as an Explorer that is a few years old but that still has many years of great service to deliver? Well you can boost its performance and add a dash of style to it with the help of Explorer headlights

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. It will not cost you a lot of money or time and will give you great value in return.

The latest Explorer headlights

benefit from state of the art light sources that produce a steady and strong beam. This beam is then projected onto the road with the help of an innovative reflector that sends more light to the part of the road where more light is needed. The entire light is housed in a smart looking housing that will enhance the look of your car.

Better lighting at night will enable you to fully utilize the latent power of your car at night. And by replacing a single component you will improve your driving experience at night in a major way. You can buy the headlights conveniently by getting on to the internet. Headlights are easy to install and soon after you get them you can enjoy the improved performance. You can see the latest Explorer headlights at


Louie Liu has been in the car aftermarket products industry for 5 years. He specializes in body kits, headlights, cold air intakes & other aftermarket products. You can learn more about

Explorer headlights

, and other


at his site

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Bush approval rating sinks to 38%

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Monday, September 12, 2005

A new Newsweek poll shows that President Bush‘s approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 38%. The drop comes largely in response to the Bush Administration’s — and in particular, FEMA‘s — inability to handle the recent rescue and recovery efforts after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Louisiana.

The poll also shows that 57% of people have lost faith in the Administration’s ability to handle a natural disaster. 52% do not feel Bush has the ability to make good decisions in a time of crisis.

The poll of 1,009 people, which has a margin of error of 4%, also showed that the country is still split on issues such as dealing with terrorism, Homeland Security, and military action in Iraq. An overwhelming 66% are not satisfied with the current direction of the country.

The combination of the above issues are likely contributing to President Bush’s declining approval rating. The strong and vocal criticism from Mayor Ray Nagin of New Orleans may be one factor in the near-term decline. Nagin has given a number of publicized interviews during the recovery crisis, and the following is from the Sunday, September 11 broadcast of MSNBC Meet The Press:

MR. RUSSERT: What’s the biggest mistake you made?

MAYOR NAGIN: My biggest mistake is having a fundamental assumption that in the state of Louisiana, with an $18 billion budget, in the country of the United States that can move whole fleets of aircraft carriers across the globe in 24 hours, that my fundamental assumption was get as many people to safety as possible, and that the cavalry would be coming within two to three days, and they didn’t come.

Responding to public criticism, President Bush stated he intends “to lead an investigation to find out what went right and what went wrong.” [1] The U.S. Congress is expected to investigate the disaster response on the local, state, and federal level as soon as is practical.


Knight to Leave Nike Top Job

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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Reuters has reported that Philip Knight, co-founder of shoe giant Nike, Inc. will step down as the company’s CEO and President on December 28. He will be replaced by William Perez, current CEO of S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.

While industry experts consider this to be a good move as the company looks to expand beyond its core market, analyst Jamelah Reddy expressed surprise that an individual from outside the company was brought in rather than tapping one of Nike’s co-presidents. Reddy said Knight was “leaving big shoes to fill.”

The move is a blow to activist organizations which have targeted the company for its use of sweatshop labor and other practices. For example, the progressive anti-consumerism magazine Adbusters recently introduced their “Black-Spot Sneaker” which they promote as being “for just one thing: kicking Phil Knight’s ass”.

Nike spokesman Kirk Stewart said Perez was chosen for his experience in dealing with international markets and brand-building, an important skill as Nike continues expansion internationally. Nike’s international sales now surpass domestic sales, reports Bloomberg.

According to ESPN, Knight was responsible for Nike’s endorsement contract with Michael Jordan, signed in 1984 when he was still a rookie with the Chicago Bulls. Jordan said of Knight, “To me, Phil Knight will always be recognized as a sports marketing visionary — he will always be a part of Nike. I learned so much about the industry from him and will always admire his drive and creativity.”

Knight, who according to Forbes gave no reason for his departure, intends to retain his position as the chairman of Nike’s board of directors. He will also hold on to his 28% voting share in the corporation, as well as his 92% share of the non-voting stock.


Pennsylvania couple murdered; daughter abducted

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Michael and Cathryn Borden, a couple, both 50 years old, were found shot to death in Lititz, Pennsylvania shortly after 8 AM EST (1300 UTC). Their 9 year old son, David, had fled to a neighbor’s house and called emergency assistance (911). The couple’s younger daughter, Kara Beth Borden, age 14, was reported missing. Her older sister was found in the home unharmed.

Police believe that the abductor was 18-year-old David G. Ludwig. Neighbor Stephanie Mannon said Ludwig had been secretly dating Kara, without the approval of Kara’s parents. “It wasn’t because he was a shady character,” stated Mannon, “because he wasn’t.”

An Amber alert was issued for Borden, with her description stated as: white female, age 14, 5’1″, 100 pounds, brown hair with blonde highlights. She was last seen wearing a black sweat shirt with “Pillar” across the front, blue jeans and black sneakers.


Learning To Bowl Is Fun For All Ages}

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Submitted by: Mark Hackmann

With so many different activities available today why should learning to bowl be one of those? Bowling is a fun sport that can be played year round, great in the winter when it is really cold outside and great in the summer when those temperatures and humidity become unbearable. Anyone can play the game from small children to the elderly. Bowling can be played in many different forms.

The First form is open bowling. Open bowling is where someone walks into a bowling center and rents a lane and some shoes and then picks out a house ball that comes the closest in size, weight and finger span for the individual to use comfortably. Then they put on the shoes and roll the ball down the lane and try to knock down as many pins as possible.

The Second is a bowling party or company bowling party. Somewhat similar to open bowling except the lanes are reserved for the organization or party event and will have experienced bowlers as well as beginner participating together.

YouTube Preview Image

The Third type is more of a specialty of the house. Some centers offer what is known as Colorama, a three game set where you pay for the lanes at a set fee and then as you bowl game colored pins will come up in the rack for some shots. If you get a strike with a colored pin as the head pin you can when some cash, the same applies to certain spares. Colorama also has tickets for bowling strike shots for a cash amount. These tickets are purchased separately and the money determines the amount of cash prizes on ticket shots.

Other centers offer open bowling specials on the weekends at certain hours later in the evening. This type of bowling is where you bowl with the regular lights off and instead you will have black lights, laser lights, disco lights and runway lights all with music playing. Usually this unlimited bowling for a few hours. This has become a very popular recreation in the recent days.

The Fourth is league bowling. League bowling also involves both beginners who want to take the next step in bowling and experienced bowlers who like the excitement of competition. This is where most bowlers really put forth their effort into learning to bowl. While many bowlers at some time after doing frequent open bowling will buy a ball, bag and shoes, these are done for recreational purposes only, not for improving the level of their skill. This is where the bowler who is learning to bowl will seek to buy the proper equipment to improve their game.

Learning the proper techniques, the proper stance, the proper approach, how to hold a ball, releasing the ball, throwing their first hook ball and competing on a team can be a lot of fun especially when you see your improvement over time.

Every person who is learning to bowl will seek out help at some point in time. Some bowling centers will have a resident pro who will give lessons, depending on the format some may be simple lessons at no charge while others will have fees.

There are also books and DVDs available for learning to bowl. Also bowling lessons and tips can be found by doing a search on the internet doing a search. Some of those tips can be clips on YouTube while others may be online video lessons offered from a Professional bowler.

About the Author: I have enjoyed bowling for many years. I first decided to learn how to bowl when the company I worked for at that time decided to create a company bowling league. I became hooked and have been bowling ever since. Bowling is fun! It is a great sport and recreation and can be fun for all ages. Learning to bowl can open many doors for social activities. For more information on resources for learning to bowl and other equipment and resources visit



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By Jessica Ackerman

Having our own place is a dream most of us entertain. We strive and work hard to be able to obtain our own place under the sun-literally and figuratively. While buying a house remains to be the best option, most people are unfortunately stuck in the middle ground between living with our parents and being able to buy their own property. That middle ground is occupied by renters who, in one way or another, have encountered difficulties from restrictive apartment rules.

Renting is not bad per se. In fact, for students, fresh graduates, and young professionals, it is the next best option through which they can practice their real-world skills. Moreover, it is in their apartments where they get to identify their own preferences, especially in the area of home decor. Unfortunately, most renters only have limited opportunities to get the look that they want as most contracts come with highly prohibitive rules, such as not painting the walls. If you are left with a bare-walled apartment in the color that you only half prefer, here are the top three tips through which you can add color without painting the walls.

Hanging Wall Art:

YouTube Preview Image

This is an all-encompassing term covering pieces such as sculptures, canvas paintings, prints, posters, photographs, wall plaques, and other unique items. When used properly, these will certainly add dashes of color to any room in the apartment- be it the living room, the bedroom, or the dining room. Choose one type or combine any of these to create the look that you want. Just make sure that the overall design scheme is consistent, and the colors are well coordinated.

Using Curtains:

Another option is to hang floor-to-ceiling curtains on any blank wall to infuse any room with pops of brilliant color. When selecting the color, keep in mind the overall effect you wish to achieve. For example, bold colors such as red or blue could make the room less spacious. On the other hand, light colors such as lemon yellow or mint green could make the room seem brighter and more open. Another important consideration is the location. Although these are very pretty home accents, curtains are usually made of light fabric that could easily catch fire. Thus, make sure that you hang curtains away from lamps, the heater, or the kitchen stove.

Coordinating your Furniture:

Chances are, most apartments come painted with neutral-colored walls. If that is the case for you, then you do not need to hang anything on the wall and instead, focus on the right combination of furniture and accessories to add color to any room. Since the sofa is usually the centerpiece of the living room, why not choose one in your favorite color, then add throw pillows that complement that color. To further heighten the effect, anchor the sofa with a neutral-colored rug to set off the color scheme of the couch. Using other accessories and accent pieces, such as a canvas painting which picks up the color of your furniture, will also emphasize the colors presented.

Go ahead, try our three simple tips for a more colorful life!

About the Author: For more informational articles about home decorating and interior design, check out



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Toothpaste fills cavities without drilling

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

A paste containing synthetic tooth enamel can seal small cavities without drilling. Kazue Yamagishi and colleagues at the FAP Dental Institute in Tokyo say that the paste can repair small cavities in 15 minutes.

Currently, fillers don’t stick to such small cavities so dentists must drill bigger holes. Hydroxyapatite crystals, of which natural enamel is made, bond with teeth to repair tiny areas of damage.

Yamagishi and colleagues have tested their paste on a lower premolar tooth that showed early signs of decay. They found that the synthetic enamel merged with the natural enamel. The synthetic enamel also appears to make teeth stronger which will improve resistance to future decay. As with drilling, however, there is still the potential for pain: The paste is strongly acidic to encourage crystal growth and causes inflammation if it touches the gums.

The paste is reported in the journal Nature.


Interior Design In The Work Place}

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Interior Design in the Work Place


Jordan Rocksmith

It is easy to think of hiring an interior designer for your home. We have all kinds of ideas about the space we live in and want it to be as comfortable as possible. It is commonplace to ask for someone to help you turn your house into your sanctuary. Such a service is also available for the workplace.

Factors to Consider For the Workplace

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Employees generally spend at least one third of their day at work. It is important that they have an environment that helps them to be productive. Allowing a company, such as Commercial Design Services Inc., to guide a business in this task can be very beneficial.

An employer will want to consider the work space and lay out of office areas. Companies grow and change and a flexible floor plan will help them to make quick changes when needed. This is also most cost efficient when existing furniture can be redirected to accommodate the new circumstances.

Appropriate furniture is also a critical factor. Depending on the tasks that employees are performing, ergonomics will come into play. It is important that chairs, desks, etc. allow for comfort as well as safety for those that are working at them.

Sound can be a distraction in some situations, and a business may consider masking some of that noise to create a more productive work space.

How to Make Your Work Space a Reality

Planning is the first key to success in achieving an appropriate work space for your needs. Once that is complete, a business will want to work with a reliable source to order and deliver the needed inventory. Installation is then the final step. Companies like Commercial Design Services Inc. can do all of these things for your business. It allows you to work with one contact to complete all the required steps and create the most successful work space for your needs.

At Commercial Design Services Inc. (

) we are more than furniture providers. We extend a wide scope of services for office settings near Tampa, Florida. Not only can

Commercial Design Services Inc.

provide the necessary office furniture, but we also assist in planning the design for your office.

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Interior Design in the Work Place



English Football: Roundup for Easter weekend

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Monday, April 13, 2009

With a game-in-hand, champions Manchester United maintained a one-point lead over second-place Liverpool after United defeated Sunderland 2–1 and Liverpool defeated Blackburn Rovers 4–0 in English Premier League action this weekend. Third- and fourth-place Chelsea and Arsenal both earned key victories, with Chelsea only four points out of the top of the table.

United’s 17-year-old striker Federico Macheda scored the winning goal for the second time in two games with a redirection of a Michael Carrick shot into the corner of the net on Saturday against Sunderland. On April 5, against Aston Villa, Macheda scored the game’s final goal in his Manchester United debut. United took the lead over Sunderland on a Paul Scholes header in the 19th minute. Sunderland equalised with a 55th-minute goal by Kenwyne Jones.

For Liverpool, Fernando Torres scored in the fifth and thirty-third minute, and second-half goals by Daniel Agger and David N’Gog sealed the victory over Blackburn. The game also marked Liverpool’s observance the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster, in which 96 Liverpool fans lost their lives in a stampede during an FA Cup semi-final against Nottingham Forest.

In other action, Chelsea earned a narrow 4–3 victory over Bolton. After Chelsea went 4–0 ahead, Bolton rallied back with three goals in eight minutes, but could not add the equliser. Michael Ballack scored the game’s first goal on five minutes before the half-time break and Didier Drogba scored another just three minutes into the second half. At the hour mark, Bolton right back Grétar Steinsson handled the ball and earned Chelsea a penalty kick which Frank Lampard converted. Drogba added another in the 63th minute. In the span of eight minutes, Bolton scored three times, with goals coming from Andy O’Brien, Chris Basham and Matt Taylor.

Arsenal ran out comfortable 4–1 winners at Wigan. After Mido scored the first goal in the 18th minute, Arsenal saw second-half goals form Theo Walcott, Mikaël Silvestre, Andrei Arshavin and Alexandre Song. Arsenal is now six points behind Chelsea.

The fifth spot in the table on the line, Aston Villa hosted sixth-place Everton in one of two games Sunday, who were just one point behind Villa. Neither club could gain position on the other after the game ended in a 3–3 draw. After being down 3–1 early in the second half, Villa scored twice, once on a penalty to tie the game.

In the other game Sunday, Fulham defeated Manchester City 3–1, with two goals coming from American Clint Dempsey. Dempsey was awarded Man of the Match honors for his brace.

In other Saturday action, Tottenham earned a 1–0 victory over West Ham United. The Spurs’ lone goal came in the 65th minute from Roman Pavlyuchenko.

In action in the bottom half of the table, Stoke drew 1–1 with Newcastle, while Portsmouth drew 2–2 with West Bromwich Albion. Middlesbrough gained three key points with a 3–1 victory over Hull City.

Premier League action restarts Saturday, though five Premier League team are involved in European action mid-week. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United compete in UEFA Champions League action on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday, Manchester City plays in the UEFA Cup.


Fire kills eleven at oil worker housing in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia

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Monday, August 31, 2015

A fire in the eastern Saudi city of Alkhobar tore through a housing complex for oil workers yesterday, killing eleven, according to civil officials.

The Radium complex is rented by oil firm Aramco for their employees. According to nearby resident Mohammed Siddique the fire broke out early in the morning. Siddique says the building contains locals, as well as Westerners and Asians. The cause is unclear but the civil defence ministry tweeted “Cars and furniture caught fire in the basement of one of the towers”.

Over 200 people were injured. Firefighters scaled the burning tower on ladders, and helicopters were on-scene. Other towers in the complex were evacuated. Thick smoke from the blaze complicated rescue efforts.

Aramco CEO Amin H. Nasser said the firm is “deeply saddened to learn of the fatalities and injuries. We offer heartfelt condolences to the families. Our immediate priority is to provide full support to those affected by this tragic incident.” Aramco, which produces and exports more crude oil than any competitor worldwide, say the fire is under investigation.